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For Parents

Back to School is a time full of bustle when you are busy preparing for your child's new school year and worrying about how to calm the 'back to school' anxieties. Then there are other issues like finances, time management, homework, school work etc. to care.

For Students

Going back to school is a time for fun, lots of preparation and some anxiety for you. Our freebies, ideas and advice will help you find your way on top of all things. From dorm room decor to fashion and hair to creative learning methods, we are here to help.

For Teachers

A new school season has you thinking about creative teaching ideas and tips to manage your class and build a good rapport with them. While your past experience will be the best guide, our tips are sure to prove useful in creative teaching and educating methods. We have bulletin board ideas, lesson plans, letters and more.


Creative Sandwich Ideas for Lunch Bags

The kids will soon tire out of the favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and so will you. Here are some fresh ideas for sandwiches that will please kids and make a delicious and nutritious lunch as well.

A Back to School Checklist

It is easy to forget something or the other during this time when stores are mobbed by anxious parents and excited children. With so much on your mind preparing for your child's new school year, you could make things easier for yourself and your kid by using this complete back-to-school checklist.
Bulletin Board Ideas

Creative bulletin board ideas for lesson plans:

Birthday Fruits Bulletin Board Idea

Sayings & Quotes for 365 Days of the Year - Bulletin Board Idea

Dividing the Bulletin Board for Sectional Displays

Newspaper Clippings of On-Going Topic

Teacher Sketches - Art & Crafts Bulletin Board

Free Lesson Plans

Sunflower - Lesson Idea for Preschoolers

An interesting way to teach about sunflower is to involve the kids in a little craft activity first and then start teaching.

More Free Lesson Plans >

Free Back-to-School Clipart

Free clipart for your classroom projects, bulletin boards, lesson plans and art and craft projects. Just right click on the images and save them to your computer for your personal use.


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