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Birthday Fruits Bulletin Board Idea
(for Preschool and Elementary School)

Teaches about Seasonal Fruits, Maths at a Glance, Statistics and provides a birthday chart for the class to refer to.

Birthday Fruits Bulletin Board Idea

How To:

1. Prepare the bulletin board with columns for the twelve months.

2. Ask each student to bring a cut out of a fruit that is available in the month of their birthday and write their name and birth date in it.

3. Pin each cut out in the column of that month.

Note: Alternatively, teachers can provide cut outs. And if there are no particular fruits available for a particular fruit, a fruit that is available all-year round like bananas can be used.

A good resource to find seasonal fruits and vegetables classified by state is


This bulletin board is an interesting idea to make the students actively participate in classroom activities. It teaches about which fruits are available during which months and also provides a base for mathematics and statistical education. Teachers can ask questions like 'which month has the most number of birthdays' or 'how many birthdays are there in the month of September' etc. The kids only need to glance at the bar graphs produced on the bulletin boards and answer.

Kids will also enjoy searching for and cutting out the fruit clipart and photos. The chart will also provide a resource for students to know all the birthdays all the year round.

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