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Sayings & Quotes for 365 Days of the Year - Bulletin Board Idea
(for Elementary School)

A Fun Way to Collect Saying and Quotes and Celebrate Each Day.

'Love a Tree Day' Bulletin Board Idea

Almost all 365 days of the month have some day or the other dedicated to them. Kids will find it fun to gather quotes about the object or person who is being celebrated on that particular day.

Creative Ways to Write the Sayings

1. Write sayings inside shaped cutouts of objects that resemble your concept. In the example above, the saying for 'Love a Tree Day' has been written inside a tree.

2. Burn the edges of a paper and write the quote/saying inside it.

3. Cut strips of card paper in different colors and write the quotes on them and pin them to the board. These can further be decorated with paints.

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